Project Description

Manufacturing low pressure irrigation systems and supplying equestrian specialty products as well as calf feeding systems for which the company has exclusive rights.

The Business is currently being inundated with orders from New Zealand

Making very respectable profits, continuing steady growth and should not be overlooked.

Operating since 1992, has continued building its presence to be in front of any competitors and is now for genuine sale.

The business concentrates on three major products…

Travelling Irrigators

Low pressure travelling irrigators eliminating soil compaction – a common problem with high pressure irrigators.
Replacing flood irrigation saving more than 75% on water costs and reducing salinity on farmer’s properties.
Designed for the smaller farmer but can very easily be adapted to larger allotments (50 acres) where flood irrigation is not practical or those wanting to improve better pasture results or grow speciality crops.

Farmers also use the irrigator to distribute effluent from their dairies or piggeries to put nutrient into the soil.
Irrigators come with a variety of boom sizes and water delivery capacity
Irrigators are easy to handle and simple to relocate from one area to another.

Equestrian Products

A major part of the company’s sales is supplying equestrian products.
Most of these products are roto-moulded at their factory facility from a food-grade form of polyethylene that also provides greater impact and puncture resistance; combined with ultraviolet radiation stabilisers to provide excellent durability and weatherability in Australia’s sometimes extreme temperature and UV radiation conditions.

A wide range of colours are available in these strong, low maintenance Australian products.
Their equestrian products include cavaletti poles and ends; keyhole and Tri-Jump jump stands and cups; arena stands, corners and markers plus Mount Ease mounting stands.
Related products include feed bins and troughs for horses, calves, kids and other animals.

Calf Feeders

Milk Bar Feeders are specially designed to save labour costs and rear healthier calves.
Feeders come in a variety of sizes… from 5 teats to 60 teats
Units of 40, 50 and 60 teats are trailer mounted for the larger farmer
Teat flow is scientifically designed to reduce teat flow allowing the calf to produce saliva, preventing nutritional scours, infectious scours and “cross sucking”.
Calves remain healthy and don’t require excessive veterinary costs


  • T/O 2018 – $1,100,754 and rapidly growing
  • Gross profit – $690,500
  • N/P – $295,000
  • T/O 2017 – $930,457
  • Gross profit – $521,000
  • Rent & Rates – $25,538

Financials and a Business Snapshot are available to the right buyer.

Reason Sale…

Vendor wishes to retire although will stay behind for an agreed period to assist the Purchaser.

This business is being sold with my personal recommendation

Peter Troy 0412 33 00 77

Peter Troy 0412 33 00 77