Project Description

An excellent and very profitable Tyreplus family-run business is now for sale.

With a long history of offering expert advice and service to the local community. The store’s excellent reputation is built on a foundation of customer-oriented service, honest and well-informed technical advice and competitive prices.

The Business stocks all premium tyre brands and offers a range of services including wheel balancing wheel alignment, puncture repair and tyre rotations. All staff are quality employees, equally comfortable working with passenger and commercial vehicles as well as 4x4s. Additionally, there is one mechanic on deck who specifically handles brake services, batteries and shock absorber needs.

Every transaction is conducted openly and transparently, meaning that all customers can rest assured that they are receiving only the most accurate advice for their vehicle’s requirements. This is backed by skilled maintenance work from a dedicated and well-qualified team. Such is the ecology of the Business.

One reason for its success, is the business buys in bulk. Clients don’t need to wait for owner to buy in tyres. The stock level therefore becomes one of the key Corner Stones of this operation.

One of the tyre companies also runs promotions from time to time which is advertised. It builds local client loyalty resulting in year on year increasing sales.