Project Description

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This business has been operating under the same ownership for over twenty years. It speaks volumes as to the success of the business. Owners now wish to retire.

The business operates three MH licences and two SV licences with consecutively numbered VHA plates.
Each of the chauffeurs are extremely reliable, loyal and dedicated. They have been with the business for 6 to 21 years.

The primary focus has been on the corporate market and proven to be invaluable to the business. It has also ensured regular cash flow with no bad debts.
Majority of business is “pick up” or “drop off”, within city or suburbs and regular trips to the airport.

THE BUSINESS WILL HAVE GREAT APPEAL to those already in the industry in gaining, overnight a strong and very loyal client base.

Add to that, long term arrangements with local subcontractors and long standing relationships with interstate companies. The businesses outsources between $250.000 – $290.000 of work annually.

2014 Sales – $718,000
Gross Profit – $560,284
Net Profit – $ 137,850 (14% increase on previous year or $2,000 per month)

So…. look at it this way. A $200,000 investment in the client base alone, will return $716K in sales in the first year.


As this business has focused mainly on corporate and business sector, ample opportunities exist in the wedding car hire and funeral industry, as well as outer suburban and even short country trips.


* Long history of upmarket, Loyal Clients
* Reliable Staff / Drivers
* Most vehicles only 3 years old
* Vendor will extend support and training for 4 weeks after settlement
* Vendor may consider selling client base separately
* Very firm hold within the market place with 140 loyal clients
* Profit performance and untapped opportunities places the business in great
position for further growth
* Can be operated from home or small office

Contact  Peter Troy    0412 33 00 774