Testimonial: Guy Unterrheiner Air Conditioning (Kempsey)

14/09/2017 Peter Thank you very much for your hard work in putting this sale together. You have achieved amazing results and found a buyer who I see working with for a long time. You've done a fantastic job!! I have total confidence in recommending you as a Business Broker to anyone who wants to sell [...]

Testimonial: Sarah Fox – Money Tree Bookkeeping (Portland}

MONEY TREE BOOKKEEPING 14th March 2017 Of the many online Broker enquiries, I chose Peter Troy who was the first and only one to respond.  With no experience in selling a business, I relied heavily upon Peter’s knowledge and expertise.   Given that the location of my business was in a country town where I [...]

Testimonial: James Tonelli – Unique Business Management (Melb)

 MBA MANAGEMENT PARTNERS 19th of December 2016 To Whom It May Concern. I contacted Peter Troy in March of this year with the view of selling my Bookkeeping Practice. It was a painless transaction. The initial meeting was to establish price, cost and time frame. After Peter and I agreed on the price, the Bookkeeping [...]

Testimonial: Joanne Crumpton – The Bookkeeping Department (Sydney)

Thank you, Peter! Due to you, I found a great buyer for my business at the full asking price. I really appreciate the advice and support you gave during the whole process. Selling a business is not something most people do every day and I know it was critical to have someone of your experience [...]

Testimonial: Neville & Joan Doherty – Black Oxide Metal Finishers

From Neville Doherty Black Oxide Metal Finishers Re the sale of my business The sale of my company was made so easy by Peter Troy, he has the ability to explain everything in layman’s terms and that was comforting to me. I found him very professional in every way. The time he spent on selling [...]

Testimonial: Katrina Aarsman- Essential Office Solutions

I would like to express my gratitude to Peter Troy for his assistance in selling my bookkeeping business. When I decided to put my business on the market, I thought I would be in for a struggle to firstly find a buyer at my price point and secondly to have to deal with the buyers [...]

Testimonial: Kieran Marken – Nifty Bookkeeping

We came to Peter Troy with no experience in selling a business and therefore relied heavily on his expertise and integrity. Unlike other brokers we contacted, Peter was extremely responsive to our inquiry and took a personal interest in our aims. He helped us recognize the inherent value in our service based business. Peter shared [...]

Testimonial: Tina Kaye – Abacus Training Solutions

When my family circumstances changed recently I knew it was time to make some professional changes also. I had been the owner of Abacus Bookkeeping Solutions (along with Abacus Business Solutions) for over 10 years and decided it was time to let go. In anticipation, I had been building value in the business for [...]

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