You will find any number of voluminous articles describing the steps to finding the right Business Broker; I can’t disagree with anything you might read but by the time you complete your due diligence, your head will spin.

It doesn’t need to be so complicated.

Often Vendors make the mistake of searching the internet to find a Broker who has the most advertised listings. Perhaps a Broking firm that is constantly on page one in Google search, and sells everything from baby wear shops to transport businesses or mining equipment – Really! Perhaps you are someone who needs their Broker to have an affiliation with every authoritive body under the sun such as REIV, AIBB or some other Real Estate / Broking authority.

I know of several broking firms that have many hundreds of listings and often over 1,000. All that means is they list for the sake of listing and can’t sell the businesses they list – true?

Why would you consider Seaboard Business Brokers?


  • We don’t list businesses that are not likely to sell
  • We will however help you to make your business saleable
  • Our major focus is on businesses that are high in demand…
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping, Food Manufacture, Industrial Manufacture, Import / Distribution and Professional Services
  • We have a solid presence in the market place and as the name suggests we successfully deliver sales along the Eastern Seaboard
  • We don’t inflate the price of your business for the sake of a listing. All selling prices are accurately priced to market acceptance
  • Our Brokers are highly competent, have proven business credentials as entrepreneurs in their own right and don’t need to hide behind other affiliations.
  • Every business we list we sell.

– Author Peter Troy 4
Seaboard Business Brokers