Testimonial: Guy Unterrheiner Air Conditioning (Kempsey)



Thank you very much for your hard work in putting this sale together. You have achieved amazing results and found a buyer who I see working with for a long time.
You’ve done a fantastic job!!

I have total confidence in recommending you as a Business Broker to anyone who wants to sell their business

Guy Unterrheiner
Kempsey Macleay Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Testimonial: Sarah Fox – Money Tree Bookkeeping (Portland}


14th March 2017

Of the many online Broker enquiries, I chose Peter Troy who was the first and only one to respond.  With no experience in selling a business, I relied heavily upon Peter’s knowledge and expertise.  

Given that the location of my business was in a country town where I would continue to live and work after the sale of my business, it was important to find a buyer who held my staff and clients in high regard, not merely just the sale of “a client list”.  I was very appreciative of Peter’s ability to source a buyer who would complement the business and support the community.

Peter’s honesty and recommendations to attract the perfect buyer helped considerably. The experience of selling a business was an education but certainly made easier with Peter’s guidance.

Should you be thinking of selling your business, I strongly suggest you give Peter the opportunity to assist you.

Sarah Fox
Money Tree Bookkeeping

Testimonial: James Tonelli – Unique Business Management (Melb)


19th of December 2016

To Whom It May Concern.

I contacted Peter Troy in March of this year with the view of selling my Bookkeeping Practice.

It was a painless transaction. The initial meeting was to establish price, cost and time frame.

After Peter and I agreed on the price, the Bookkeeping Practice was placed on the market in second week of April 2016 using Peter’s Marketing Skills, and client list. Peter also did give me an estimate of how long it would take to sell. Peter suggested it would take between two to three months.

The Practice was sold in early June, at the price we agreed upon.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter to anyone considering selling their Business

Yours Sincerely

James Tonelli
Suite 103A 964 Mount Alexander Road Essendon Vic 3040 P.O. Box 220
Email: james@mbamanagement.com.au

Tel: 03 93261154  Fax: 03 93262395

Testimonial: Joanne Crumpton – The Bookkeeping Department (Sydney)

Thank you, Peter!

Due to you, I found a great buyer for my business at the full asking price.

I really appreciate the advice and support you gave during the whole process. Selling a business is not something most people do every day and I know it was critical to have someone of your experience on my side. You know how to value and sell bookkeeping businesses and I think that is a rare thing in the Business Broking world.

You knew it was important to me to find a buyer who was a good match for my business and who would take care of my staff and my clients. You went above and beyond to help me present the business well, to keep the momentum going and to make the sale happen to everyone’s satisfaction. I think the buyer is also happy with the outcome.

Thank you again and I would be very happy to recommend you to any other bookkeepers who are thinking of selling their business.

Jo Crumpton
(ex) The Bookkeeping Department

Testimonial: Neville & Joan Doherty – Black Oxide Metal Finishers

From Neville Doherty

Black Oxide Metal Finishers

Re the sale of my business

The sale of my company was made so easy by Peter Troy, he has the ability to explain everything in layman’s terms and that was comforting to me. I found him very professional in every way. The time he spent on selling this business was incredible; working long hours into the night.

Right from day one he had clients at my front door and he makes it his business to gather knowledge of how our business operated so he could explain to prospective buyers the nuts and bolts of our operation which was so important to the purchaser. Peter kept me updated daily on how things were progressing. When Peter shows your business he likes to fit the buyer to the business rather than just selling it to anyone and that has worked very well in our sale, as the purchaser feels very comfortable and confident that he can build this company even more.

Peter knew nothing about this business, however he was able to recommend ideas on how to improve turnover due to gathering of information. I would say he could have run the plant himself by the time it was sold. That to me shows how dedicated he is to his profession.

On two occasions, the purchaser’s accountants suggested less than half the price for our business. Peter dismissed this and sold our business at the full selling price.

If you’re thinking of selling or buying a business Peter Troy should be the one to deal with.

Many thanks to you Peter

Yours Sincerely

Neville & Joan Doherty.

Testimonial: Katrina Aarsman- Essential Office Solutions

I would like to express my gratitude to Peter Troy for his assistance in selling my bookkeeping business.

When I decided to put my business on the market, I thought I would be in for a struggle to firstly find a buyer at my price point and secondly to have to deal with the buyers and emotions of selling my business. I knew I had a good business to sell but one is never sure if buyers think that way. Well my first discussions with Peter made me realize that I did have a saleable business, and with Peter’s assistance and encouragement I was able to highlight the advantages of someone buying my business.

Peter is very knowledgeable in the bookkeeping industry and knew the truth and the value of businesses. With Peter’s support I was able to package my business in a way that drew many interested enquirers from all over Australia. I am convinced his database of prospective clients, knowledge and marketing prowess all culminated in a smooth sale at the very best price.

Prior to signing with Peter, I spoke with several other brokers but Peter left me feeling not only that he knew what he was talking about, but he actually cared and explained the process in such a way that no other broker was able.
Peter attended every meeting and discussed the pros & cons of each prospective buyer so that I could make the best decision for my business. I would highly recommend Peter Troy if you want a caring, experienced and determined broker.

Katrina Aarsman- Essential Office Solutions

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